What is ITS?

ITS works as both an online and offline community where academic, business, and government researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers, and international bodies can consolidate, trade, and discuss specific research and information as they develop.

The main way we achieve that goal is by providing live forums, the biggest of which are our biennial international conferences, where we respond to specific needs as they develop. Beyond that, we also have a membership journal, newsletter, and this website.

Message from the Chair

ITS Chair Stephen Schmidt

Opening Remarks of International Telecommunications Society (ITS) Chair, Stephen Schmidt, for ITS webinar, Driving Digital Transformation: International Comparisons of Spectrum Policy, 15 November 2022.


Thank you for being here today!

We are joined today by members of the ITS family spanning Africa, MENA, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

We are grateful to everyone that has chosen to invest their time and attention with us today.

An extra shout out to those joining us from Asia, where it is quite late right now, and in particular to the groups of students joining us from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is a neutral forum and meeting place where scholars, policy practitioners, and members of industry come together to discuss and explore the most timely and pressing issues in communications policy, in a spirit of friendship and scholarship.

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